The Different Games of Bingo

Bingo has proven to be a very attractive and entertaining game. With these traits, many enthusiasts are joining the list of players with each waking day. Figures show that Britain alone has about 4 million people playing bingo with some level of regularity. The game's 600 year lifespan has led to emergence of many variants from the Italian lottery, Il Giouco del Lotto d'Italia. In deed the soldiers' 'howsey howsey' as played in the UK is different from the 75-ball bingo the North Americans are accustomed to. The development of many types is credited to the American toy salesman, Edwin Lowe and his business acumen.

The many different types of bingo games vary in the card structures and the calling. The game can either be played live or online. While the live game is limited in terms of the games it can offer, the online version gives you access to almost all game types regardless of your geographical location. It would be difficult for instance for someone in America to play the 90-ball bingo in a live bingo session in a hall but an online player has a chance at both. For the online players, aside from the many types you can chose from; it also makes sense knowing the software supporting the game you decide to play. Games running MicroGaming, Playtech, Gamesys and Brigend software are dependable and promise loads of fun.

Some of the games you are likely to stumble upon in bingo playing career will include coverall, diamond, Winners Circle and Speed among many more. Coverall - like the name suggests entails covering all the 25 numbers on your bingo card as they are called out. It is probably the easiest to play of all bingo games. The first player to cover all the numbers in their card wins the game. A typical coverall game will take between 55 - 60 calls to conclude. The tricks to succeeding in coverall are paying close attention and listen carefully to the caller. Coverall though has a wrinkle rule stipulating that the jackpot can only be won before the 41st call. After the 41st call, the prize money begins shrinking.

Speed Bingo - is the most loved of all bingo games in Northern Europe. The advent of online gaming is however changing that as it seems to have gathered speed in other geographical locations too. The game uses just 30 balls and cards with just 9 spaces. The game is fast paced and it is easy to fill the 3×3, it actually gets its name from the pace. It is a speedier version of coverall.

Diamond - is a result of modification of the traditional bingo to create variety. To win the game, you have to mark the bingo card in a diamond pattern. It can either be played as the 6-number or the smaller 4-number pattern. To win easily in diamond, it is advisable that you buy many cards.

Winner's Circle - to win you have to cover 16 very specific squares. On completion, the completed squares create an 'O' around the bingo card. The first person to cover all the squares creating the 'O' completes the winner's circle thus winning the game.

Four Corners - requires that you complete all the four corners of your bingo card. It can be very challenging and has on many occasions tested players' endurance and patience. In four corners, only squares B1, B5, O1 and O5 matter to a player.

Cross - is very common among church bingo games and for very obvious reasons. The first player to complete a cross hits the jackpot. The squares that need be completed in cross bingo are the entire N row and the squares B3, I3, G3 and O3.

Regular - presents bingo in the form most people know, the traditional form. It has three ways of hitting jackpot. The first player to complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line wins. The fact that it has three winning ways shrinks the jackpot compared to the other bingo varieties.

Combination Bingo - refers to any game that includes a combination of any of the many bingo varieties. More often, a 90-ball bingo card has more than one game played on it at any one time. You can combine Four Corners for instance with Winner's Circle, Cross and Diamond. In Combination bingo, multiple jackpots are up for grabs.

With all these options, it is not very hard guessing why people in the UK alone are winning millions of pounds each day in bingo jackpots. All are designed to fit either 75-ball, 80-ball or 90-ball bingo games, the speed bingo though generates more heat on a 30-ball bingo set.


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