Online Bingo Strategy

Online Bingo Strategy

It is good to clarify from the onset that bingo is a game of chance regardless of where you are playing. When in a bingo hall, every single ticket of the many you buy (it is recommended that you buy many for each game) has a pretty much about the same odds of hitting the jackpot. Still even with that knowledge, there are time tested strategies that will always give you an edge if you employ them appropriately.

Study yourself some history

Truth is, there is not much you can do about the numbers the bingo machine will spew. Bribing virtual callers to favour your hand is also out of the question. This leaves you with bingo ticket based strategies. Choosing the right bingo tickets for instance require that you have some basic information about the factors that affect random draws. Some little knowledge of statistics and how to apply it will also be necessary. Strange as it may sound, all bingo games follow some definite pattern whose code can only be cracked if you look at the pattern of thousands of games. The task of studying all this may look daunting but if you sacrifice your time and put in some bit of statistical analysis, the results can be amazing.

Buy many but manageable bingo tickets

More tickets will boost your chances of hitting the jackpot any day. However, the tickets you buy have to be within some considerations. First, do not choose the tickets randomly. Take a good look at all the numbers in the card and rate them vis-à-vis their probabilities of winning. The most important aspects are the first and probably last digits of each number, if you get it right with these and manage a good mix the bingo tickets you have might just make you very rich. The number of tickets you play should also be determined by the number of players. You can use the live chats to determine this or better still, be cocky and trick the virtual caller into letting you in on this secret.

Drop the Superstition

Many bingo players have a belief that winning is associated with some lucky numbers. Such players often strive to have those lucky numbers in every bingo card they buy. This theory fails on several fronts. One is that regardless of the number of bingo tickets you buy, if the caller misses the lucky number then you stand a snowball's chance in hell at winning. It also is a very simplified way of wasting money on many bingo tickets. The third failure is that there are no known confirmations that the theory has ever worked anywhere.

Go for evenly Spaced Numbers

Random as bingo may be, the balls that are ejected by the machine randomly will tend to align to certain patterns. For every set of 90 bingo balls, there are equal number of digits that will end with 4, 3, 2, 1 etc. In this set, odd numbers will balance with even and high numbers will balance with the low numbers. Because bingo balls conform to these three conventionally accepted randomness tests, every player who chooses bingo cards on this basis stands greater chances of hitting the jackpot.

The fourth law of random test

Success in bingo has a lot to do with the simple rules of statistics, only makes sense considering you are judging odds based on pre-known set of numbers. The fourth test of randomness describes sampling with regard to the population average. It states that the results of increasing a random sample size get you only closer to the population value. Take the bingo masters board with 90 numbers, 90 is the population. Its average population will be the average of all the 90 numbers, the average number of a 90 numbers bingo board is 49. Now, the first few numbers spewed from the bingo machine may not average 49 but as the game steadily progresses the average of the numbers called near the average. To use this test effectively, choose bingo cards with numbers that are evenly spread, these close to the average anytime.

Play during off-peak hours

As you settle on the right bingo site for you, do settle too on the best time to play. Play in sites that offer freebies because these increase your chances of winning. Aside from the bonuses, play during early morning and late in the day sessions when it is likely you will play alongside fewer players. The jackpot may be slim during these times but the chances of winning are pretty high.

Honestly nothing is so very complicated about winning in bingo like people would want to make you believe. If you soberly apply these strategies, you might win even before someone trying to discourage you stops talking.


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