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As well as comparing the bonus and customer ratings the table in this section of the site gives you a heads up on the types of bingo games a bingo site provides. Bingo games are no longer limited to 90 or 75 ball, there’s such more variety of bingo games on offer. We highlight the bingo games within our table below to help you find the bingo site best suited to your preferred game of bingo.

Playing bingo online is a fun and enjoyable experience. You can play some fun and interesting games, and socialize with other members in the chat rooms. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home. Many people would like to try playing bingo online, but they are unsure about the range of bingo games on offer. Most bingo websites offer a huge selection of bingo games for their members to play, but this can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to playing bingo. However, once you understand what the most common varieties of the game are, it makes things much simpler.

Types of Bingo Games

There are essentially four main varieties of bingo.

90 Ball Bingo: 90 ball bingo is the most common type of bingo in the UK. It is the type of bingo game that is most commonly played in bingo halls in the UK, and online by UK players. This type of bingo is played on a card that features nine columns and three rows.

75 Ball Bingo: 75 ball bingo is the most common type of bingo in the USA, but it has also gained popularity online with players in the UK. 75 ball bingo is played on a card that features five columns and five rows.

80 Ball Bingo: 80 ball bingo is fairly popular online. It is played on a card that features four columns and four rows.

30 Ball Bingo (aka Speed Bingo): 30 ball bingo, which is also known as speed bingo, is a fast-paced version of bingo. It is fun to play, and it has gained a great deal of popularity online. A 30 ball bingo game only features thirty balls, and it is played on cards that feature three rows and three columns.

Aside from there being four main types of bingo games, many sites also offer a number of different bingo rooms, and themed bingo games, such as Deal or No Deal bingo. Almost all major bingo websites also feature chat rooms. Chat rooms are an area of a bingo website, where members can socialize, get to know each other and just have fun. Many chat rooms, however, also feature chat room games. These games are hosted by the chat room moderators, and sometimes members can win small prizes from these chat games.

Choosing the Right Bingo Site

When choosing a bingo site, it is important to consider what bingo games that site has to offer. 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo are the two most popular types of bingo, and this means that almost all major bingo websites feature them. 80 ball bingo and 30 ball bingo games are less common, so some websites don't feature them, but many of them do. When choosing a bingo website, you need to make sure that you look at what their range of bingo games is like. Some websites will feature all four variants of bingo games, whereas some will only feature 90 ball and 75 ball bingo.


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